Guidelines On Buying A Laminate Wood Floor

Guidelines On Buying A Laminate Wood Floor

There are three key areas to look at when buying a laminate wood floor.

1. The Look Of The Floor
If you are happy with the look of the floor you can move straight on to looking at the technical elements of the laminate wood floor. How do I achieve the right look? The best way to determine if a laminate wood floor is right for you is by trial and error. Order a few hand samples don’t settle for a colour. Wait and find the right match for your room. There are millions of options in laminate wood flooring. There are varying tones of board, varying grades of timber and varying textures. The right laminate floor for your home exists. You will find it by trial and error.

2. Board size
The length of a board can change how it interacts with a room. A longer/wider laminate wood flooring board in a large room can add space where as a shorter/narrower laminate wood flooring board in a smaller room can also add space. However for me there are no set rules. Again I would refer to the above rule. Try a sample of laminate wood flooring before you buy. You might like the look of a small/narrow board in a open room. You might like the look of a long/wide laminate wood flooring board in a small room. The choice is yours the only way to find out is by trying before you buy.

3. Technical Information
As a topic it’s not that interesting. The look and feel of a laminate wood flooring board are much more interesting to talk about. However the technical characteristics of your laminate wood flooring boards are super important. Abrasion class and the quality of the core of the board will determine the durability of the laminate wood flooring board.

Please contact us with regards to special orders. We can source any style of laminate wood flooring as long as the order is over one pallet. A pallet will usually consist of between 80 and 100 square meters of laminate wood flooring. If you go to one of our suppliers sites and have a look at their full collection we can arrange to have a hand sample posted to you. Click here to contact us.

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