Parador Room Designer

Parador Room Designer

We highly suggest using the parador room designer.

This great laminate flooring company offers this excellent service free of charge.

You need the space planner does not download, but can make your décor idea immediately and without obligation to try online. The online interior design works much like the planning software for kitchens, wall decoration or a facilities planner.

What never was possible earlier, the art spurt in recent years has enabled: After making your own taste with colors, materials, and wood decor. So you can get an idea quickly how your home could look like – and the three-dimensional. The fun creating leads you determined your dream home! From floor to ceiling.

The room planner in 3D – the Parador PlanBar

The Interior Designer you can lay on the photo of your room a floor covering:

  1. Space of opening the dialog upload.
  2. Mask area in your image, where the new floor is to be laid. You have to use during the selection at any time to the zoom function (magnifying glass) to dense to get to your floor space.
  3. After the soil surface is now masked the image using the grid must be give a perspective. Only the right perspective, we achieve a Photorealistic after installation of the floor surface. About the Test textures (color and texture) any time you have the opportunity to see the result of perspective in creating a preview.
  4. Now save your work now and take the prepared space image directly into the installation tool. The corresponding Parador Floor select over the navigation filter. Do you have the desired floor found, you can insert directly into the bottom surface it now.
  5. About the photo editing you can select another area as well as wall surfaces. These panels can then be assigned colors. Just mask, save and select in the top navigation area of ​​the wall paint the surface.

Please contact us with regards to special orders. We can source any style of laminate wood flooring as long as the order is over one pallet. A pallet will usually consist of between 80 and 100 square meters of laminate wood flooring. If you go to one of our suppliers sites and have a look at their full collection we can arrange to have a hand sample posted to you. Click here to contact us.

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