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Hollands offers, among other things, to its own online store under the domain
http://www.clearancelaminatewoodflooring.co.uk particularly laminate wood floors and other interior products for sale.

The online shop is operated by the Hollands, Unit 106 St Patricks Woolen Mills,Douglas, Cork, Ireland, Tel.: 00353212061864, E-Mail: info@clearancelaminatewoodflooring.co.uk

For the business relationship between the wooden judge GmbH and the customer only the following general terms and conditions apply valid at the time of the order. Different conditions of the customer are not recognized, unless the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts agrees to them in writing.


2.1 The presentation of products in our online shop is not a legally binding offer. It is rather inviting the customer to make a binding offer by placing an order.

2.2 The customer can choose from the selection of the online shop and choose products with this place over a Add to cart text button gather in a virtual shopping cart.Each time the customer can view the contents of your shopping cart and change the functions provided for removing, adding or adjusting items. Then, the customer has the option of his bill address, delivery address, payment method and delivery type enter or select. These data can be viewed on a summary page and edit the function be adapted. By clicking the button Buy the customer makes a binding offer to purchase the goods in your cart. The Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts is the customer confirm by an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail to confirm the offer, in which the customer’s order is listed again and the customer is using the function Print can print. The automated confirmation of receipt only documents that the customer’s order is received by the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts and does not constitute acceptance of the offer.

2.3 The Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts is entitled to accept the contract offer by the customer within two business days of receipt of order. The purchase comes with the acceptance of the order by the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts.

2.3.1 If the customer chooses to pay in advance, invoice, Paypal, Credit card, debit card, payment on delivery Cash, cash explains the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts acceptance explicitly.The customer receives in the case of acceptance of your order an order confirmation as a PDF, fax or by mail.

2.3.2 If the customer chooses the payment in advance, explains the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts acceptance implied, by asking the customer after submitting an order for payment. The customer receives the order confirmation as a PDF, fax or by mail after its payment.

2.3.3 The contract language is English.


The full text of the contract is not stored by the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts. Before submitting the order via the online. Shopping cart system, the contracting data is printed using the print function of your browser or saved electronically. After receipt of the order from us the order data, the information required by law for distance contracts and the terms and conditions will again be sent by e-mail to you. The terms and conditions can be accessed through the website in the online store and downloaded in PDF.


For all your shopping in the Store http://www.clearancelaminatewoodflooring.co.uk/ granted wooden judge GmbH beyond the statutory right of withdrawal addition, continuous, voluntary right of return of 30 days. The customer can also be solved by the end of the withdrawal period of the contract by (period beginning on the day following receipt of the goods) returning the goods within 30 days after receiving the goods to us. The timely sending of packet-shippable items or submitting the pick-up desire in writing if not shipped enabled things enough to meet the deadline. However, a prerequisite for the exercise of the volunteers return the item that the customer has the goods only to the view as possible in a retail store, unpacked, is not more than one package open for floors and the product is complete, undamaged and returned in the original packaging , The return or the pick-up request must be sent to: Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts, Unit 106 St Patricks Woolen Mills, Douglas, Cork, Ireland, Tel.: 0212061864, E-Mail: info@clearancelaminatewoodflooring.co.uk. The voluntary return does not exist in purchase of gift certificates and custom built to meet specific customer needs goods and not in goods which was specially ordered for the customer in sheet. The return is at our risk, but at the expense of the customer. The statutory right of withdrawal from compliance with our rules for volunteers Return Policy not affected and is handled independently thereof.


5.1 All purchase prices represent total prices – ie they include all price components, including applicable sales tax. In individual cases, additional taxes (eg in the case of an intra-Community acquisition) and / or charges may be (eg customs duties) to be paid by the customer for cross-border deliveries.

5.2 Unless otherwise agreed in individual cases, the purchase prices are plus Shipping & Returns. These are to be borne by the customer unless the customer makes as a consumer of his right of withdrawal. Height or more details on the calculation of these are immediately available through the online store.


6.1 The Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts accepts online shop listed and customer choice made ​​payment methods. The customer selects the preferred method of payment chosen among the available payment methods themselves.

6.1.1 If the customer as payment method debit, he authorized the wooden judge GmbH announcing his account information to collect the full invoice amount, including any applicable Shipping & Returns at maturity of its designated by account number and bank account by direct debit. For SDD we agree on the reduction of the period preannouncement (pre-notification) for 7 days with the customer. A payment by direct debit is only valid for residential customers. You are a business customer? Call us, we will find a solution!

6.1.2 If the customer as payment method credit card payment, the customer places with notification of credit card information, the authorization to charge the full invoice amount, including applicable Shipping & Returns at maturity over the relevant credit card company. The load is initiated only after the delivery of the goods.

6.1.3 If the customer chooses Paypal as a payment method, the customer places with pre-authorization of his Paypal account, the authorization to engage the full invoice amount, including applicable Shipping costs to charge this account at maturity. The load is initiated only after the delivery of the goods.

6.1.4 If the customer as payment in advance, he is obliged to pay the full invoice amount, including applicable Shipping cost when the contract deadline.

6.1.5 In an advance payment, the customer agrees, the purchase price plus any applicable Shipping cost to be paid later than fourteen days after receipt of the request for payment communicated to him without any deduction. The account or transfer data to be shared by the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts together with the payment request in the order confirmation.

6.1.6 Upon request of the customer, goods can be picked up at the wooden judge GmbH itself; in this case, payment of the customer’s location in cash or by debit card (electronic cash).

6.1.7 In case of cash on delivery payment of the purchase price plus any applicable Shipping cost at the time of delivery is made ​​in cash to the shipment by the leading transportation companies.

6.1.8 If the delivery is agreed payment on account, the purchase price shall be paid within fourteen days of receipt of invoice, unless otherwise agreed. The Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts reserves the right here to perform a credit check and reject this method of payment with a negative result.


7.1 The goods are delivered, unless otherwise agreed with the customer on the shipping routes to the delivery address given by the customer. A pickup by the customer in the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts is possible; It is insofar asked to arrange a collection date.

7.2.1 The delivery of the purchased items the customer is done in the case of an advance payment by bank transfer immediately upon receipt of payment unless, in connection with the specific article refers specifically to a longer delivery time.

7.2.2 In the case of payment by cash on delivery, direct debit, PayPal, credit card or payment after receipt of the goods and invoice the delivery of the purchased item immediately after order, unless is related to the specific article explicitly to a longer delivery period pointed out.

7.3 The delivery is free curb the customer.

7.4 The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the item sold goes for deliveries to entrepreneurs with the transfer to himself or herself or a person authorized to receive, in the case of consignment purchase already with the delivery of the goods to an appropriate transport person. For deliveries to consumers the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the sold always with the delivery of the goods to the consumer on these passes. In view of the risk of loss, it is equal to the transfer, if the customer is in default of acceptance.

7.5 Orders and deliveries are possible only in certain countries which together with the detailed delivery costs. You can also find more information about delivery and shipment conditions.

7.6 Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts reserves the right to cancel the contract in case of incorrect or improper delivery. This applies only to the case of non-delivery is not caused by the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts and this has concluded a concrete hedging transaction with the supplier. In case of non-availability or only partial availability of the goods, the customer is notified immediately and report a etwaig already paid compensation immediately.


The Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts retains title to the goods sold until full payment of the purchase price.


9.1 The rights for defects of the goods comply with the statutory provisions. No warranty is given for damage caused by improper use or handling of the article; the same applies to so-called intentional wear.

9.2 Deviating from this, to entrepreneurs, the warranty on supplied by the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts things of 12 months. This does not affect compensation and reimbursement claims and right of recourse under § 478 BGB well as claims for intentional negligence and fraudulent concealment of a defect.

9.3 If the customer orders in his capacity as a merchant, are obvious defects within a period of two weeks from receipt of the goods on display above-mentioned contact;otherwise the assertion of the warranty claim is excluded. Deadline is sufficient to send the empty indicator.


Provisions on data protection are defined in our Privacy Policy. These can be found here .


You can contact our Customer Service by e-mail at info@clearancelaminatewoodflooring.co.uk , or phone Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:30pm by phone: 0212061864


12.1 The law of the Federal Republic of Ireland.

12.1.1 For consumers who do not conclude the contract for professional or commercial purposes, the right choice of the law of the State in which the consumer has his habitual residence applies under Clause 1.3 of these Conditions only in so far as the protection provided by mandatory provisions, is withdrawn.

12.1.2 The provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not apply.

12.2 If the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or public special fund, the exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract the business of Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts. The same applies if the customer is an entrepreneur and has no general jurisdiction in Ireland or whose domicile or habitual residence at the time the action is not known. The power of the Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts, also to appeal to the court in another jurisdiction remains unaffected.


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